Deep Dives

Dive into industry-leading lean expertise to better understand lean construction and how it works in a variety of ways.

Data Center Construction – Transforming Analog Chaos into Digital Calm

Using collaborative construction planning software makes data center construction a smoother and more aligned process.

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The Value of Construction Planning and Scheduling: A Comprehensive Guide

Effective construction planning and scheduling enhances communication, collaboration, and overall project success.

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Business Case for Proven Construction Planning Software: Driving ROI

Profit margins for commercial general contractors average around 4% — leaving little wiggle room for unplanned expenses. Effective construction planning helps project teams proactively manage the many factors that negatively impact profitability, but it is time-consuming and resource- intensive when done manually. There is an urgent need for planning software that will further improve operations, drive profitability, and mitigate risk without increasing the administrative burden on project teams.

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Why You Need Construction Planning Software

Learn how construction planning software can increase project certainty and return on investment on site

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The Power of Project Production Management and Takt Planning in Lean Construction

Based on a Touchplan blog series from industry-leading experts, this deep dive focuses on the foundational science behind Project Production Management and Takt planning.

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Integrating the Master Schedule with Daily Planning to Achieve Project Certainty

Learn about the value of how master scheduling tools are combined with construction planning tools and their impact on completing complex construction projects.

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How to Put Construction Planning Software Into Action – A Superintendent’s Guide for Success

Discover the proper way that superintendents should implement construction planning software directly from a superintendent.

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Information on Construction Planning and Scheduling Software

Learn about how Construction Planning and Scheduling Software can help construction firms and contractors.

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The Value of Using Construction Project Management Software

Understanding the value of the software, construction professionals can leverage its capabilities to achieve greater efficiency & success in their projects.

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Construction Technology Description and Education Basics

Click here to learn more about Construction Technology and education needed to advance your career in the construction field.

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Getting Started with Predictive Analytics in Construction

Discover how construction technology helps teams work on projects more efficiently and effectively with data analytics.

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Pull Planning Lean Construction Practice vs CPM

Learn about the difference between Pull Planning and Critical Path Method (CPM) and how to identify problems to find solutions.

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