Touchplan for Data Center Construction

The Number One Choice for Planning Complex Megaprojects

Used by more than a third of the largest owners and more than half of the largest contractors building the largest data centers in the world, Touchplan is the number one platform for construction planning.


Unprecedented demand for hyperscale and colocation capacity

  • Speed

    Build time less than a year

  • Scope

    Power and cooling for thousands of megawatts

  • Scale

    Millions of square feet per year

Develop Highly Repeatable Processes and Workflows

See how Touchplan can let you work seamlessly through the whole process to assure success on data center projects and every type of large, complex construction.

The number one planning choice for all project stakeholders


Most construction planning software is built only for contractors. Touchplan gives owners a shared, real-time view of project status and analytics.

General Contractors

Touchplan’s patented pull planning, intuitive user interface, real-time visualization, and rich analytics gives GCs everything they need to stay on track and fix project problems fast.

Specialty Contractors

Touchplan ensures smooth scheduling and detailed work tracking, improved safety, and reduced rework for trade subcontractors.

Touchplan Can Support Your Construction Goals

See first-hand why Touchplan is the number one construction planning platform in the market. From our real-time analytics to our patented pull planning, we can support you every step of the way to ensure your project is on time and budget while ensuring safety.

Learn how Touchplan is being used for planning and managing the construction of a 2.5M square foot, 360 megawatt, six building megaproject

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